Ziggy Becket (ziggybecket) wrote,
Ziggy Becket

Tie me up, Tie me down

Tie and shirtOh man, I don't even know why I got a tie. An expensive tie too. X-/ I mean, I rarely wear ties, mostly for special occasions like weddings, formal events, things like that.

Oh yah I remember why I got it, it's pretty. X-)

I like the red gradient stripes. I'm not entire sure what I can match it up with, but I know I'll kick myself one day if couldn't find it again. So I just plopped down the credit card and got it.

I also got an interesting t-shirt from Express along with the tie. It's funny, the wrong side actually has different emblems printed in black, but when you see it on the right side, it looks faded and just barely visible.

Oh well, it's summer and I need summer clothes. Though I'm not sure how a tie fits into that theory...

Oh yah, I also got this AWESOME Transformers t-shirt a few weeks back. X-) I think it's actually kind of subtle, if you don't look at it too closely it's just a patterned shirt, but if you do try to make out the shapes and such, it's ROBOTS IN DISGUISE! Well that's what I think anyway, everyone else probably thinks I'm a big nerd. :P

Tie and shirt

Transformers T-Shirt
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