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iPhone price drop!!

For those of you smart enough to wait and have been dying to get an iPhone, now is your chance!

The 8gig iPhone is now $399.99!

The 4gig iPhone is getting phased out, but you can get it for $299.99. It's not online anymore, so you probably have to go to an Apple store or an AT&T store to get it. (I recommend the Apple store, you get better service and less hassles then at an AT&T store).

If you don't mind refurbished models, go to the Apple Store and go to Refurbished iPhones.

A refurbed 8gig iPhone is $350.

Quick Pros and Cons for those who are still undecided:
  • Awesome iPod with CoverFlow and videos are gorgeous on the LCD screen.
  • Really easy to use phone and I used 3 way calling for the first time EVER because of how easy it is to navigate the interface.
  • Amazing battery life. 24 hours of music playback and 6 of video. I have music/pod casts going all day at work and some web surfing for 8+ hours and I still have 50% battery left over.
  • My email works great and I get it anywhere I get a cell signal. That can be good or bad. ;-)
  • Web looks just like it does on your Mac or PC.
  • I love showing photos on the LCD screen. It's a great way to show off your portfolio.
  • 2 year service contract with AT&T. :(
  • Wireless internet on the AT&T network is slow. It's fine for email and things like Google Maps, but general web surfing is slow but it's always there where ever you have signal. However using WiFi is super fast!
  • MMS picture messaging doesn't work for some silly reason. :P You get a text message to go to a web site to view your picture message sent from someone else's mobile phone.
  • The recessed headphone jack. For whatever reason, engineering or aesthetics the headphone jack is deeper then most MP3 players, so a lot of head phones won't work with it. You can get an adapter ($10) or use the iPhone headset.
  • The vibrate is a little weak, I don't feel it sometimes if my pants are loose. (No comments about getting tighter pants...)
And for those of you wondering how I feel about getting it at $600. Eh? I'm an early adopter and I knew it was gonna happen. I'm shocked at how quickly and how much the drop was, but hey, that's the way the cookie crumbles. And I've been really happy with it, so no biggie. :)

I already know that mognetcentral got one at lunch! LOL And positivespace is getting a shiny new iPod Classic.

Who else is gonna join the cult of Apple, if you haven't already? ;-)
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