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Chinese Drama: Magicians of Love (愛情魔髮師)

Magicians of Love

Or what I like to call, "It's crack!!!"

This is a Taiwanese "Idol" Drama about these super star hair stylists that can make any woman beautiful, hence the magicians part of the name.

It's called an Idol Drama because the main male cast are part of the boy band, 183 Club and the main female lead is also a pop singer, Joanne Zeng.

But anyway, this is a romantic comedy which has consumed my life for the last week. It was just so addicting to watch the interactions between all of the characters and just how cracked out all of the characters. Just look at how the hair dressers are dressed!

It starts out pretty comedic with a rivalry between an international "Western" salon and a mom and pop barber shop. The later episodes really deal with the love triangle and keeps bouncing back and forth between the two main stylists, "Artz" and "Richie" both with sordid pasts. Artz is a rich kid but has major family issues. Richie is an Hong Kong gangster trying to escape. The juggling act was very cool to watch. Fernando is more a side character, but his "persona" is that of the playboy and has a girl on his arm every other episode, which also causes lots of drama, which is what this show is all about! Take that 4chan. ;-)

You can check out the drama's opening sequence or hell, watch the first ep. ;-)

Tips for remembering Chinese names
If you do decide to get into the drama, here's some tips if you're having trouble remembering their Chinese names:

Ya Si is Arts
Er Qi is Richie
Fei Nan Du is Fernando
Xiao Bei is Little Bei

Bei is the family name of main female lead. Her father is referred to as Old Bei. She'll also be referred to as Bei Ruo Yi which is her full Chinese name, Xiao Bei is more of her nick name.

I just LOVE how they transliterated "Fernando" into "Fei Nan Du." I lol every time they say his name.

Oh yah! If you don't know already, with Chinese names it's usually 3 words, the first word is the surname and the second two word is the proper name. That's why just about everyone only uses two words of their name, except of curse, Fei Nan Du. X-D

Interesting observations watching the show...
So one very interesting thing that I noticed is the characters don't kiss, at least not until really really late into the series. I'm not sure if this is how other Chinese dramas are or just this one. So I'm wondering if things are more reserved in Taiwanese dramas or what. Because if it was an American drama, they'd be in the sack in the first 3 episodes.

But I just found it so odd.

Oh! And in one scene in which one of the guys is sharing a bed with another woman (innocently of course) he actually hangs up a sheet like a virtual wall to divide up the bed. LOL

According to the wiki, the show was super popular in Taiwan, so it was extended from their initial 18 episode run to 22. And you can sort of tell. LOL The main, love story sort wraps up around episode 18 and the following episodes feels tacked on. Honestly, if it ended at 18 it would have been very satisfied and content with the show.

The ending on episode 22 was too... clean, everything was wrapped up nicely in a bow for you. It was still a good romp though. :>

Anyway, at least watch the intro of the first episode on YouTube, it's fully subtitled, watch the rest if you're interested. I don't know if the other episodes are online, but you can download them via torrent which is also subtitled. Or if all else fails, let me know and I'll burn a DVD of all the episodes and mail them to you.

Ok, back to work work not that I have my life back...
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