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Private Photoshoot: Hwang Jin Yi

What can I say, Mel's costume is just so colorful and detailed, it's gorgeous! I also have to admit, the photos turned out surprisingly well considering we just used the surrounding areas of the Fanime convention center. I'm particularly happy with the "green" set and the "red" set of photos. You'd think we shot in totally different places and with her colorful costume, she really just "pops" against those backgrounds.

Well that's what I think anyway, I could be totally wrong. LOL

deathxangel as Hwang Jin Yi

Private Photoshoot: Hwang Jin Yi
(Zip of all the photos)

Personal Favorites

My absolute favorite from the set. Mel has a lovely smile, her costume is bright and colorful against a lush green and white background.


The lamp shade! LOL That's what she called it, don't blame me!





The "red" set I was talking about...



And only on this page, you'll see this silly picture of me wearing the hat. LOL Why did I let her take this picture again? I have no idea...
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