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L.A. County Bans Use Of "Master/Slave" Term

Oh someone just shoot me, how stupid and bored are these people...

L.A. County Bans Use Of "Master/Slave" Term

FYI, the term usually refers to the hard drives in computers. The "main" hard drive is usually referred to as the "master" hard drive and any secondary hard drives are usually referred as the "slaves."

That's IT! Eesh... anyway, check the link for the full story.

This reminds me of my friend who was helping out a teacher. He was saying that the FAT table had been corrupted and would need a reinstall. Apparently the teacher got offended. FAT stands for File Allocation Table, which is a necessary part of the operating system.

Oh! There was this other story, I can't find any links, but it sounds more like an urban legend then anything else. Anyway, if you use Unix you know there are processes (programs) and sometimes they hang or crash. So you have to use the "kill" command to terminate it. There are sub processes called "child processes." So the unfortunate thing that happens is that sometimes you'll hear things like, "go ahead and kill the child (process)." Apparently someone got offended and asked people to rename those things. ::roll eyes::

Ok ok, I'm done ranting...

Edit: It's *really* hard to type when you have a cat sleeping on your arm. Oh well, at least he's keeping me warm. It's freakin' cold in this house. 8-|

Edit: Here's an update on this really lame story.
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