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Time Machine - "Woosh woosh woosh!"

So Mac OS X Leopard is coming out tomorrow.

A have to admit I'm actually pretty excited about it. I know what's so interesting about an OS release right?

The main feature that really impress me about what Apple has done with OS X is Time Machine. Apple's answer to actually getting you to back up your data!

In a nutshell, you just assign a USB hard drive as your backup drive and boom. From then on, whenever you plug the drive in to your system, it will automatically make backups. The beauty of Time Machine over traditional backup systems is that, it doesn't scan your disk to see which files needs to be backed up. OS X automatically keeps an updated list and makes the backup. No slowing down your system as it's trying to figure out what needs to be backed up.

It also only saves the changed files on your backup drive, but when you view your backups. It looks like a complete backup, even when you view older backups. So it makes one complete backup, but does differential backups but it appears as complete backups whenever you view it. This is handled by using hard links. You UNIX people will probably know it and a full technical explaination is over at Apple Insider. It's a good read if you are wondering on how exactly Time Machine works.

Honestly, I think it's the most intelligent, easy to use, easy to navigate backup system I've ever seen. Typical of Apple.

I'll probably pick up Leopard the next time I see a sale for a 500gig hard drive. I already have one, but I'm using it only for photo backups. My other one will be a dedicated backup drive for my Mac.

PS: For those who don't know, the title is a subtle reference to Doctor Who. The Doctor's TARDIS (his time machine) makes a windy, wooshing sound when it disappears or reappears.

OH! And speaking of Doctor Who, I had recently downloaded episodes of Secret Diary of a Call-Girl. Unbeknownest to me, it stars Billie Piper, Rose from Doctor Who.

Man, can I tell you how traumatized I was when I was watching the episode and she started practicing the world's oldest profession? O_O I actually had to stop and walk a way for a bit. I'll give the show another shot later, when I'm more prepared for it.

Has anyone else caught this show yet?
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