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Private Photoshoot: Jill Valentine from Resident Evil

So I've been playing Resident Evil 4: Wii addition and absolutely love it! Sadly Jill Valentine isn't in that game, but that doesn't matter. Cospinay does a fantastic job as Jill and she was such a trooper!

We went to the underground garage under the Anaheim convention center. It had the perfect look and lighting for a Resident Evil shoot. She totally was willing to get on the floor, climb up on the concrete pillars and got pretty dirty during the shoot. :-/

But I think you'll agree the photos turned out really well!

Cospinay as Jill Valentine

Private Photoshoot: Jill Valentine from Resident Evil
(Zip of all the photos)

Personal Favorites






Yep, in he middle of fighting zombies, Jill takes a second to strike a pose. Hey, this is a Japanese game, that's totally plausible. ;-)



We actually found a plate of old food in the garage... so we decided to go along with it, but ewww!


I love how the lights and shadows work in this photo.


Same here! One thing I have to say, that underground garage at the Anaheim convention center is a fantastic backdrop for photos!


That's of course, if you don't mind getting dirty. :/
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