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Mac OS X Leopard
I finally went and got Mac OS X Leopard!

I can't believe I spent money on a dot upgrade. LOL (10.4 to 10.5). But I really want to take advantage of Time Machine. I also picked up a $100 500gig external hard drive just for Time Machine.

I think something that will automatically and seamlessly backup my data is totally worth $100.

Sadly I almost never backup my data. I have been pretty good with my photos though. For a while I was burning them to DVD and giving a copy to kitkat_nap so I would have an "off-site backup." But now that she's rooming with me, that sort of defeats the purpose. :>

I now have two 500 gig hard drives for backups. One for Time Machine and another that I manually backup my photos to. I'm also going to start burning them to DVD and taking them to work or something. Again for off-site backup just in case.

Have you backed up your data lately? ;-)

PS. Got Leopard from Micro Center since they have a $30 rebate. I could have gotten it from Amazon too, but I had time today to do the upgrade and with tax it all evens out anyway, about $109. Plus I get to have my grubby little hands on it today. :D

Edit 1: Doing a full system backup now just in case the Leopard upgrade hoses my computer and I'd have install everything from scratch. Probably not going to happen from what I've read online. I'm also not running that one app (APE) that does break the Leopard upgrade so it should be smooth sailing. Gonna go watch Ratatouille while I wait and maybe Hairspray again! X-D

Edit 2 (5:32pm): Backup done! Hopefully this doesn't totally hose my system. X-D

Edit 3 (7:25pm): It's installed! No problems or anything, though the first time the Leopard disk boots up to install, it didn't find any hard drives to install on. :/ A restart fixed that though and everything installed fine. Still getting used to the new look, but so far so good.

One thing I have to say though, when it first started to install it went and verified the DVD. THANK YOU! Man, I can't tell you how annoying it is when you're installing Windows and half way through, the install stops because the DVD is corrupted and the system is totally hosed. Yes, it takes a while for the installer to verify the disk, but better wait then to have a screwed up install.

Edit 4 (8:21pm): I've always used Thunderbird for my mail client. I used it when I was still on the PC. But it's always been a little lacking on the Mac, mostly because it doesn't seem to use the Mac address book. So I'm gonna give Mail a try. It seems pretty neat so far. Sorry if I start sending out stationary style emails. LOL :D

Edit 5 (9:32pm): Quick Look is surprisingly handy! Who would have thought such a simple addition would make using the OS so much easier. Though Coverflow within Finder is sorta... eh... Also my Dock is on the right side of the screen, so the Stacks isn't that useful for me. I prefer having a Finder window up anyway.

Spaces is as expected. Coming from using Linux/Solaris it's just virtual desktops which I'm used to having. It's neat for a little while, but I generally go back to not using them. I'll see how it goes with Leopard.
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