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My first TFCD Photo Shoot

IMG_7804.JPGToday I went to a TFCD shoot for Styles by Ann. She needs photos of her talents as a MUA and hair stylist so she invited models and photographers to shoot for her upcoming web site.

I had a fantastic time working with everyone and here's a preview of the results.

This is my first time doing high key/fashion photography so please be kind. And many thanks to jtennery.com for allowing us to use his studio set up and of course the amazing makeup and hair styling by Ann. Without which these photos would not be possible. :)

Very little Photoshop, just blowing out the background.

Same here with a large window in the office building.

This is with the studio backdrop. Two side lights and a huge softbox to provide front light. PS, I'm gonna screw up the vocabulary for all the equipment, don't mind that. X-)

The one hairstyle in which we didn't have to worry about messing it up. It looked better messed up. ;-)


Using a black background this time. Had to do a bit of post processing to bring out the details in her hair, or it would have just faded into the background. There was a back/side light to provide a backlight and again a softbox to provide the primary front light.



Hahaha, this was unplanned, she was taking a few personal shots in her Santa dress as a lark. As she was changing out of it she was joking with her bf that she should do some tease shots. Next thing we know... Merry Xmas! :D

Using the hallway with a bounce flash. I still need to work on using a flash. -_- Thankfully this photo turned out pretty well after some post-processing.


A casual "getting ready" shot.

Ok, back to cosplay photo shoots in the next entry.
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