Ziggy Becket (ziggybecket) wrote,
Ziggy Becket

Excuse me while I have a gigantic nerd-gasm...

Wing Commander: CIC posted the blueprints for some of the classic Wing Commander fighter jets from the original game.

Oh man, how I loved Wing Commander. I spent a ton of money getting the right flight stick so I could fly like an ace. Wing Commander III had the voice and acting talents of Mark Hamill and Malcolm McDowell with full motion video that looks amazing on the PC!

The Wing Commander spin-off, "Privateer" was also pretty fun, where you play a mercenary for hire. Mostly though you were buying crap from one planet and selling it for a higher price on another. ;-)

Oh yah baby, right there...

PS: Ok, let's forget the craptacular Wing Commander Movie starring Freddy Prince Junior. O_o I had such high hopes for that movie too! But it turned out to be a crappy sci-fi remake of "Das Boot." How could you do it Freddy! You did a great job (ok... passing job) in She's All That and then totally blow it on Wing Commander!
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