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MacWorld 2008

They may or may not be cavemen...

MacWorld 8983

A little late, but who cares it's MacWorld! X-D

Sadly we didn't take pictures of dinner with moriyama_umi, mognetcentral and postivespace. Though all you would have seen is 4 drunken nerds after being in an entire convention center of Apple goodness. :>

MacWorld 8983
Of course what everyone came to see. The MacBook Air. I couldn't resist putting it next to my iPhone just for a size comparison. Aww look, they are family. :)

MacWorld 8986
Yes, it's freakin' thin! They say it ways 3lbs, but it feels light as a feather holding it your hand.

MacWorld 8990
And everyone wanted to fondle it. :)

MacWorld 9001
Who's that sexy booth babe! ;-)

MacWorld 8999
moriyama_umi and I joked about that stupid Booth babes vs regular babes but no argument with here, mognetcentral is both! :D

MacWorld 9005
This was the coolest booth at MacWorld! X-D They sold bags for computers, cameras, backpacks and messenger bags. :>

MacWorld 9008
OMG! So tempted!

MacWorld 9013
The cutest little USB thumb drives!

MacWorld 9020
After dinner, mognetcentral and I joined the ener's party to find the elusive quest to find the Sky Terrace. Even though there were signs pointing to this mythical area, every time we entered the room, the path was never there.

After running around like maniacs ener finally found the right path and we went up to the Sky Terrace! :D

Yah, you had to be there. :>

A view of SF from the Sky Terrace.

MacWorld 9025
Oh yah, mognetcentral and I went shopping after dinner. Well we were just going to walk off the margaritas we had at dinner, but then it turned into drunk shopping...

"Ooooh, this is so soft..." is what I kept saying when we went into Ruehl. And yes, the sweater I got (on clearance!) was oh so soft... Yes it's still soft after I sobered up. :)

PS: Oh yah, the group picture we took inside SF State wasn't on the memory card! I don't know what happened. ;_; And we were almost kicked out of SF State by a security guard right after that photo too. :(
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