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You sexy little thing...

iPod Nano
iPod Nano

You know what? On my 13" MacBook screen, that picture is almost life size! O_O

So my parents are heading to Taiwan tomorrow. Of course at the last minute my Mom asked me to give her one of my MP3 players for the plane trip. Well all of my MP3 players (with the exception of the iPhone) are kinda hard to use. I mean, they are tiny (Sanyo DMP-M700) or have built in noise cancellation (Sony Walkman NW-S705F) but not for the average person. Also, none of them support Chinese characters very well. So I went out and got her a new iPod Nano. :)

I don't have that much Chinese music (S.H.E., eVonne, CoCo Lee) to load up for her, but I'm encoding some movies for my Mom and Dad to watch on the plane.

I'm actually very surprised at that amazingly tiny screen! If you check out the large picture of the Nano you can see that the Chinese and English subtitles are very legible. The movie is "The Dream of the Red Chamber," which is a VCD she gave me to put on the iPod.

For those of you wondering, these are the movies I'm cramming onto the Nano:

Chinese Movies English Movies
  • Mr. and Mrs. Smith
PS: I really need to find my copy of Yesterday Once More (龍鳳鬥). It's such a cool, smart, sexy, funny movie starring Andy Lau and Sammi Cheung. The ending was a little weak (I find that the case with a lot of Chinese movies) but it's very enjoyable to watch. I'd throw that on too if I could find it. X-/

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