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San Diego Car Show and SD Night Shots


Over the X-Mas Holiday, rurouni_jedi was nice enough to let me stay with her for a few days. Lots of lounging around and relaxing, but we did hit the San Diego Car Show. There I finally saw my dream car, the Chevy Volt. <3

San Diego Car Show Photos
Chevy Volt
The Chevy Volt. If you haven't heard me rant about this already. This is a plug-in electric car with a gasoline engine range extender. Basically, it can run a full 40 miles on battery power only. The gas engine is only used when you go over that 40 miles.

Suppose your commute is 60 miles round trip. Well you'd basically drive 40 on batteries, but 20 miles on gas saving you a lot of money on gas. It takes about 6-8 hours to charge the batteries completely using a normal household outlet.


I can't wait to get my hands on this puppy. Considering my commute is only about 10 miles (round trip) a day, I wouldn't need to buy gas for a solid month.

Hello beautiful red car, that probably costs more then my house... Look at the front grill, it's smiling. ;-)

A Ford concept van...

... which is apparently nuclear powered... No seriously, that column in the center is the TV... yah I don't get it either...

Poor, Yuriy. He's NOT happy in the back seat of a Mini Cooper. X-) And that's the new larger one too! LOL

After the car show, Yuriy, his friend and I went out to do some night shots of the city. We wanted to try some long exposure shots as well as try out some of our new toys. Yuriy had his trusty Nikon and a shiny new lens. Me and Yuriy's friend had Canon and I wanted put my Tamron 17-50mm/f2.8 to the test.

San Diego Night Shots
The Omni
One upside of air polution, it makes some beautiful sunsets. And for those that don't recognize it, that's the Omni hotel, where we usually stay for Comic Con since it's right next to the Convention Center.

Ugh, that reminds me, we need to start reserving hotels again soon don't we? -_-

San Diego Convention Center
"Artsy" shot of the stairs leading up to the convention center. I'm so glad I got the beautiful purple sky in this shot.

This was of course right before the convention security told us to leave. LOL

San Diego Convention Center
Up on the pool level of the Omni hotel. I love this shot with all of the lights and even the tram rolling by. I did have to do a lot of Photoshop here to bring up the shadows and such, but then again I was really still playing with the settings at this point. So it's not a "pure" shot.

Near the tram station with a long exposure as the tram was racing by. God, we waited FOREVER for a tram to go by. LOL

(Larger version)
I forgot where Yuriy drove us (it was far and cold LOL) but we were able to get a beautiful shot of San Diego. This is pretty much straight out of the camera. I did bring out the details in the sky and the water a little bit.

This was a ISO 100, 30 second exposure at f8.

I still blew out the highlights a little bit (look closely at some of the building lights) but I love how the lights look in the rippled water and slightly cloudy sky.

Thanks rurouni_jedi and Yuriy for taking care of me and taking me around SD! :)
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