Ziggy Becket (ziggybecket) wrote,
Ziggy Becket

CosPod Interview

Hey everyone, the lovely binkxy and lillyxandra interviewed me for their CosPod podcast.

You can listen to it via the link or subscribe to their podcast on their main page.

First reaction of course was... "Do I really sound like that?" LOL

We talk a bit about my cosplaying and my cosplay photography. So if you haven't listened to me rant about either/or before, here's a chance. On the internet no less!

One thing I do have to give these ladies, their interview methods are quite unique. They invite me into a bed room and have me sit between them on a bed while they record me and ask questions.

Gee, that's not nerve racking or distracting AT ALL. Nope, not a single bit. ;-) So if they ever come up and ask to interview you, you unequivocally say YES!

Seriously, I had a blast and if you're crazy enough to listen to my voice, hit the link above. :D
Tags: cosplay, interview, podcast, press
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