Ziggy Becket (ziggybecket) wrote,
Ziggy Becket

Autobots! Transform! And pig out!

So positivespace came by yesterday to hang out, and of course so we can buy this transforming bento box. Well more of a cylinder.

One of it's awesome features is that it's able to keep a meal warm for up to 8 hours after putting it into an insulated container. It also collapses down to half it's size when you're done eating.

Today's lunch is just left overs from Chocolate Sushi (more pics from THAT later). But enjoy. :>

Obento bag Obento bag
Contents Contents
All the containers in the bag, including a pair of chop sticks.
Lunch Lunch
My lunch for today. Just left over stuff from dinner last night. Rice and vegetables, sashimi slices and thinly sliced beef tendon.
Pack up Pack up
After eating, everything packs up into itself.
Mmm warm Mmm warm
This very solid metal casing helps keep the contents of the meal warm. Since I had a cold meal today, it didn't really do much. But it looks shiny. :)
Bag Bag
And the bag also folds down to accommodate the smaller lunch containers.

Oh yah, so after buying this bento cylinder. X-D positivespace and I will be making more food posts... right...? X-)

So expect of of these kinds of posts in the future. X-D
Tags: cooking
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