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Mmmm, tasty high-def goodness. X-D

And the new Zerg races look really interesting. I was actually getting worried about my Zergies, because of just how powerful the Protoss and the Terrans have become, but it's good to see that they have some surprises up their sleeve as well.

The Infestor seems particularly nasty for the Terrans, since if it infests any Terran building, they can start building infested Terrans. They aren't walking bombs like in SC1, but like regular Terrans with a 20 second life span.

The Queen (again new unit, not like the old Queens) is another unit that you're only allowed one of, like the Protoss Mothership. I wonder if the Terrans will have a "one only" unit as well.

The game needs to come out already!

* Sound of a Overlord getting hatched
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