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Keyboard Organizer

So my Keyboard Organizer arrived.

As you can see it's a typical full sized keyboard, but it has a "secret compartment" under it to allow you to store misc. things like CD/DVDs pens and other odds and ends.

Initial impressions is that, it's a keyboard. Not so different then a typical one.

The keys are squishy but provide good tactile feel. I have no problems typing on it, but I do need to get used to it. I subconsciously feel that I need to hit the keys harder then I have to. I'm also not quite able to hit the "=" key for some reason. And I'm constantly missing the "Ctrl" key too.

Another thing I noticed is that, there's no LEDs to indicate if your CapsLock, NumLock or ScrollLock is on. Not a huge deal since I'm a touch typist, but it's an odd omission.

It also has a lot of extra media buttons for launching your web browser, email client, volume up and down and event the calculator. LOL

On the left side there's a scroll wheel to allow you to scroll documents and web pages like the scroll wheel on your mouse. There's also a top wheel for adjusting volume. All and all a nice keyboard that works as advertised.

When you open it of course you have a bit of extra storage. Not much, but it's helpful for a little bit of organization.

I do notice that the keyboard is raised up because of the "hidden" tray that's under they keyboard. I actually like very flat keyboards, so I'm going to see if I can get used to the extra height, or add an additional wrist rest to the bottom of the keyboard. Because as is, it just seems like a keyboard is sitting on top of a small book or something.

Of course, if I decide the tray isn't worth it, I can just snap off the tray and use the keyboard as is.

All and all, it's an OK keyboard. It adds a nice bit of organization if you're short on desk space. It is a raised keyboard, but I like slim and small keyboards. For instance I had no problems adjusting to the Apple Keyboard at all. I guess that's the difference in design. The Keyboard Organizer gives you everything under the sun, keyboard, media buttons, a storage tray. And of course Apple makes a minimalist but stylish keyboard.

But using this keyboard typing up this post, I definitely need an additional wrist rest. :P
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