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So I went to "A Peek at Peeking Opera" which was a wonderful performance of Chinese opera yesterday. Thankfully they chose to do some of the more accessible operas with good acrobatic stunts and comedy. They even did it in Mandarin! Instead of the stylized Chinese that it's usually preformed in. They also had it subtitled, but that needed some work. :)

Thanks to ajmeow for inviting me. She was the MC and did a wonderful job! I had a really good time. :) I also met with AJ's dance teacher after the performance and got a little dirt on the behind the scenes too. ;)

So I just found out about a soon to be released HD MP3 player from iRiver. I have their CD/MP3 player and I love it! I've been thinking about getting an HD based one, but the only one that even comes close to what I want is the Apple iPod. But it just doesn't have the PC support I want.

However, iRiver just announced the iHP-100 on their Japanese and Hong Kong sites, their first HD player. It looks *amazing!* The geek inside of me was just drooling...

Currently, it's only 10 gig, but I'm sure they will release a larger version. It looks like it's the same size as the iPod, so they must be using the same tiny hard drives from Toshiba. They are smaller then standard notebook hard drives, which is how Apple can make their iPods so tiny.

However, this really looks like an iPod killer to me. Not only is it tiny, but it has a full LCD remote, so you never have to look at the main unit to control it. But even better then that! It can record! It also has optical in AND out. ::drool:: So I won't have to worry about those pesky copy protected CDs anymore. I'd just record it via the optical in! It also has an FM tuner. I don't know how iRiver is able to fit it all in and still keep it the size of he iPod. Hell, it even has 16 hours of battery life! The iPod only has 8 hours.

Of course I'll have to wait for an English version of the site to be released and hopefully a review or two, but man, this is definitely the MP3 player for me!

Oh in addition to my geeking out above. I was at Fry's Electronics today and just shopping. This couple was looking at some of the Palm PDAs, and of course the in-store staff was pretty clueless about their features. So I talked to them and told them about the models and helped them choose a good Sony Clie for their price range. Hehe, they were saying if I didn't already have a job, that they would talk to the Fry's manager and recommend me. ROTFL. Oh man, no *way* I would work there. :)

Oh one final thing... ::hugs:: megumi_gurl. You silly girl, you really didn't have to do that. :P But thanks. :)
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