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San Francisco International Film Festival

I might try to catch some of these movies at this year's San Francisco International Film Festival:

Chinese beauty Li Bingbing and Taiwan pop singer Vic Zhou star as a young lawyer and the ghost lover who continues to haunt her three years after his death, in filmmaker Johnnie To’s Hong Kong romantic fantasy.

Shot in authentic Mongolian landscapes and using many locals as actors, this historical epic measures the human qualities against the legend of Genghis Khan (played by Japanese star Tadanobu Asano), discerning an extraordinary man behind the larger-than-life conqueror’s career.

Orz Boyz
Two mischievous and highly imaginative boys spend a hot Taiwanese summer scheming to enter the seaside kingdom of Orz and escape their troubled home lives in this bittersweet, often hilarious tale.

Taiwanese pop superstar Jay Chou makes his directorial debut with this engaging romance, in which a pair of young music students (Chou and Kwai Lun-mei) find themselves playing for—and through—time.

Shadows in the Palace
Half lush historical drama, half mind-bending detective story, this graphic, visually stunning and fast-paced murder mystery is set among the court maids who lived and worked in the palace of the emperor during Korea’s Chosun Dynasty.

Sleep Dealer
In this ambitious and topical sci-fi film set in the near future, a youngster from a remote Mexican village relocates to Tijuana where he gets a job working “virtually” by having a set of nodes implanted in his upper body.

This suspenseful, imaginative and wickedly comic feature, about a mild-mannered bird-watcher who spies a half-clad woman in his binoculars with bizarre and fateful consequences, offers viewers a reminder that time travel to erase one’s mistakes is never a wise idea.

The Warlords
Jet Li and Andy Lau star in this epic story of a fatally ambitious general’s rise and fall during China’s Qing Dynasty. Spectacular battle scenes, dramatic intensity and martial arts fury contribute to one of Asia’s best super-productions to date.

Wonderful Town
Writer/director Aditya Assarat’s melancholy Thai “ghost story,” about an architect who falls in love with a hotel maid, substitutes dreamlike scenes of the tsunami-ravaged seacoast for shock cuts. No monsters here, just ordinary people haunted by the disaster, years later.
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