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Fanime 2008: Hall Cosplay

The general hall cosplay photos from Fanime 2008.

I'm trying something new this time, since I'm always so behind on photos. :( I'm went ahead and just batch resized and uploaded the photos. Normally, I'd go through and individually fix photos, but obviously that takes too long.

I'm sorry about the reduced quality of the photos. :( But it's this or it sits on my hard drive forever. :(

I hope you'll forgive me.

I tried to upload them on Cosplay.com, but the uploader broke. :/ I sent a message to Admin so it should be fixed soon.

Until then, the full photos are here: Fanime 2008-Hall Cosplay Photos.






Hahah, I love this one because there's literally a crowd of people converging on us while this photo was being taken. X-)



What is it about a woman with a whip. ;-)






Ooooooh reflections. ;-)


The Taiwanese Air Gear group.




So cute! And the best crown ever! :D




Lovely ladies heading to the B/W ball...


So sparkly! X-D


How do you know!


Funny story with I-No here.
We've met a couple of times and I pulled her away for a quick shoot. I was taking a few photos and suggesting a few poses. I step back to take the photo and I turn around...

All of a suddent there's like 10 people behind me all with cameras. Where the hell did they all come from!? LOL You can sort of see them all in the reflection of the glass in this pic. X-D


Woot! Wolf's Rain! :D



Hahah, Chris aka "Black Gai" is hilarious! He had all of these poses and ideas ready to go with these cosplayers from the Philippines. All I could do was try to keep up.

The individual photos didn't quite do this justice, so I put them together as a montage to really show the action in a sequence.

Photos from private shoots to follow.
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