Ziggy Becket (ziggybecket) wrote,
Ziggy Becket

Private Photoshoot: Nana

jonisey as Nana

Night shot with the lovely jonisey. Man, I've been waiting to do a proper night shoot with my 50mm/f1.2L lens. I swear, most of these shots were shot in PITCH BLACK and it was still able pick up color and light.

PS: Don't ever shoot with her in a short skirt! I swear to GOD there were so many upskirt shots it was crazy! She's also CONSTANTLY flashing people, I mean what is WRONG with you. ;-)

I really love the mood and the lighting (or lack there of) in this shoot.

Enjoy. :>

Private Photoshoot: Nana
(Zip of all the photos)

Personal Favorites






She does the pissed off look well, ne? ;-)



She's been stalking the owner if this bike ALL WEEKEND. I swear, we finally found him during our shoot. She asked if it was ok to use the bike during the shoot and he agreed! He's in the background btw. ;-)




Smoking is bad for you Mmmkay?


This is definitely my favorite shot of the night.


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