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San Diego - Beach Shoot

During my shoot in Feburary with sporkkunoichi and company in San Diego. jinyo, scruffyrebel and solaria came to hang out as well. Yay!

So I got some pictures. Except for Solaria. :( She wasn't feeling well, so I'll excuse her for not being in a bikini, no excuses next time! ;-)

PS: Hmmm, you might notice that ScruffyRebel is sort of sinking into the sand. Might explain why heels aren't such a great idea on the beach. X-D But they do look sexy... when she isn't sinking. ;-)

San Diego-0301

San Diego-0569

San Diego-0584

San Diego-0593

San Diego-0578

San Diego-0580
Ooops, I was too busy trying to get the shot. I didn't tell her the water was coming in... X-D

San Diego-0309
Artsy fartsy shot. X-D

San Diego-0464
I *swear* this look like an album cover for some Christian CD.

San Diego-0458
Jinyo's Ego > Moon

San Diego-0467

San Diego-0468

A few pictures from the beautiful sky and beach at the end of the day.

San Diego-0559

San Diego-0317

San Diego-0595
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