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The 2nd Gen Blues (iPhone 3G and Drobo 2)

iPhone 3G
Ok, I'm not getting the iPhone 3G. LOL I think everyone asked me about this at AX! Maybe because I got the first iPhone last AX when I went to stand in line at the closest Apple store to the convention center. X-D

Although 3G would be nice, I really don't need it and I *really* don't want to pay an extra $15/mo for the 3G. (Original iPhone plan is $60, iPhone 3G plan is $70+$5 for 200 text. Original plan included 200 text).

So yah, all of those new people getting iPhones, enjoy it! You'll absolutely love it! :D

Drobo 2
So I *JUST* got my Drobo in the mail (with a $50 mail in rebate) and they announce Drobo 2! Doh!

The only real difference is that they added Firewire 800 and made it quieter. I was thinking about it, but yah, not worth it for me to return the thing and get the new one. Again would be nice, but it's already set up and humming along nicely. And I'm using it for storage so transfers over USB 2.0 is good enough.

Also when Amazon updates their prices to the lower one, I can request some cash back, since the price changed so drastically ($470 when I bought it and $350 now). So yah, I'll gladly take the $120. :)

I named the Drobo, Wall-E btw. X-D I mean, it's square and it's a "storage robot" so I couldn't resist. X-D

If you haven't already, check out the Drobo demo video. It is really impressive how Drobo works. Even if Cali Lewis is really annoying in this video, but the Drobo is awesome and cute. :)

For those who are wondering, I currently have 1 320gig SATA drive and a 500 gig SATA drive for about 300 gigs of protected storage.

Meaning, if either drive files, my data is still fine.

I just bought another 320gig SATA drive for $50 which will give me a total of 500+ gigs of protected data.

When I do put that 4th drive in, that means that any 2 drives can fail and there will be no data loss. But this 3 drive configuration should last me a long while. Storage wise and MTBF (Mean time before failure) since all 3 drives are brand new.
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