Ziggy Becket (ziggybecket) wrote,
Ziggy Becket

Private Photoshoot: Seung Mina and Utena

And now we have a double feature with ulaylablue in both her Seung Mina and Utena costumes.

She was good enough to let me experiment with my lighting set ups at AX this year. And along with the AWESOME KOS-MOS shoot we got some really great shots that I normally didn't do at cosplay events.

Please enjoy, because damn I did! ;-)

Personal Favorites

Check out her ABS! Damn girl!


Can you tell I loved using that one wall that was in the main hallway. We TOTALLY stopped traffic while we were doing this too. X-D

Though most of you better be saying, "Wall? What wall?" ;-)







Hahah, I made her jump so many times to try to get this shot too. X-D




Because cosplay is SERIOUS BUSINESS!


He seems awfully happy about being stabbed to death. LOL ;-)
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