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Fanime 2003 and "ZigCon"

Well I've basically come full circle on anime conventions. Fanime last year was my first anime convention. Me and tartetatin went to Fanime 2002 out of boredom and it's become this all encompassing thing in my life. Cosplay and conventions.

Actually, this coming Anime Expo will be my one year anniversary in cosplaying. That's where I first wore my Squall costume. Time flies when you're stressing out and having fun I guess. :)

Anyway, back to Fanime and of course with almost any convention I spend the time sewing Thursday night trying to finish my Ohgami costume. When morning came around and the sun had come up, basically I gave up and just safety pinned the rest of the stuff together and went to get a few hours of sleep. After all I had ZigCon to set up as well. I didn't wanna be a zombie at my own birthday party! 8-o

tartetatin worked all night but unfortunately didn't finish her Maria/Andre costume (from Sakura Taisen) done in time. :( It really sucks when that happens, I had to deal with that for my Ohgami costume and attending Anime Central. There's just a point where you admit to yourself that it won't be done. :(

This is the point where she was talking about cosplay retirement. I mean, all this stress and drama over a hobby? Well... she originally wasn't going to costume at all that day, but I convinced her to wear my Squall costume. It turned out really well actually, and she got to wear my shiny new silver Leonhart necklace before I did. :P

And with my safety pinned Ohgami costume we made it for the Sakura Taisen gathering! My first thought was, "Oh crap, all of these great costumes and mine just *SUCKS*." soletta was Orihime, ajmeow was Sakura dressed as Marie from one of the ST musicals, Eurobeat King was casual Ohgami, trionfale was theatrical Sakura and Lyn Leigh was Maria.

We went out to the infamous fountains outside the hotel to get photos. That backdrop made for some very cool photos.

Arrg, I checked out the group pictures from the ST shoot. I look like crap in just about all of them. -_- Oh well, it'll be better at AX... I hope...

Anyway, it was still good to see everyone at the con. Got to meet up a lot of people from Cosplay.com.

I then went to the Bennigan's, which is the only decent restaurant near the Santa Clara convention center to set up for ZigCon. Basically the name for my birthday party. :)

ajmeow, kelbebop, twjudy, tartetatin and I went to the restaurant early to eat dinner first before the party started. Hehe, you should have seen some of the people in the place as we walked in, in our brightly colored costumes. :) Ahh, gotta love scaring the mundanes. :) At one point, videogirlc told me that when she and her boyfriend were walking into the restaurant in costume, the attendent directed them to our party outside without them even saying a word! :D

I'm actually quite surprised that so many people came to the party at all. 8-o People from my "mundane" life and work and misc. people I've met going to anime conventions were all there. :) It was interesting seeing the interactions between my regular friends like Lap, Kim and Jordy and my cosplay friends. :) Thankfully everyone got along and I hope they all had a good time. :)

I have to say this has been one of the best birthday parties I've had. :)

My only complaint was the fact that the food sort of came out slowly, people actually ordered their own food. :/ So when there were a lot of people, the food went quickly and the restaurant didn't bring out more in time. When the party started to thin out, there was a ton of food on the table. ::roll eyes::

Oh yah, and I wanted to get photos with everyone too. X-/ But I just got too nervous about making sure there was food, that everyone was having a good time and chatting... Well Admin from cosplay.com was there and did get some photos. I'll rely on him. :)

Thanks to everyone who came by and for wishing me a happy birthday. :)

After the party I went back to the convention center, as tartetatin decided to sleep in the car, considering she was up all night sewing that wasn't a bad idea.

Got to hang out for a while at Eurobeat King's table party at the con. This was the first time I've seen Cosplay.com's *huge* high quality photo prints. They are 14x17 or something like that. 8-O They are absolutely beautiful. He's going to be selling prints (only to the cosplayers' themselves) soon, and man they are worth every penny!

Admin was nice enough to give me several 8x11 prints for my birthday and wow... they are just amazing.

Got to chatting with Ashley Rice, the other Ashley from Ah! My Cosplay, Collie, Victoria, K_Valentine and others talking shop, cosplay, and the future cons that will be attending.

Finally headed home to sleep and start things all over again on Saturday. :)

Blah, unfortunately I missed SBJudy and KelBebops costume panel, and my own Hand Maid May photo gathering. :( But meeting up with miyabi and our two person Dead or Alive gathering made up for it. :) I had a lot of fun getting pictures with her. We also took some really goofy photos too. X-D

Also made it to the Cosplay.com gathering. You can actually see me this time, I wasn't behind someone's head. :)

AJ came in her wonderful Ora/Oruha costume. Just finished mind you. ;) But man, it was worth it. So pretty! She got a lot of attention too. It was funny in that in a lot of cases, she would walk by and people would say, "Oh wow, that's so pretty!" I'm sure AJ was oblivious to it all since she was just trying to not kill people with her wings. :)

I did a lot of hanging out until the masquerade rolled around. Most of the skits and costumes were... eh... but there were some outstanding ones. My favorite was the USA Musume's number. 10 people on stage dancing in sync... it was a sight to behold.

Unfortunately, most of the skits were plagued by the bad sound system. A lot of the times you couldn't even hear them, even when they were talking into the mic. -_-

The rest of that night I just ran into one group after another. Talked to trionfale after her group photo shoot. She understandably wanted to peel her vinyl costume off after the performance.

Mmmm... vinyl...

Ok, I'm back now. :) I also ran into Shonen_Star and Katnap007 and basically chatted wandered the hotel for a while. I actually gave a quick neck tie tieing demo, since they needed it for their Battle Royale cosplay the next day. Hehe, the random things you do for costumes and when it's late at night. :)

After heading home, once again tartetatin sewed all night as I had a good nights sleep.

Though, for Sunday I decided not to wear Ohgami again. The wigs I was wearing Friday and Saturday had started giving me a headache. :/ So I went as Squall. It's an easy costume and I get to use my own hair! :)

tartetatin finished her Maria costume! Yay! She wore it and got some really good photos with AJ and her Sakura costume. It was sort of funny when people asked them what they were. How do you explain that you're cosplaying a character who's dressed up as another character in a play? 8-0 Yah... Actually there were a few people that recognized them. Gotta love die-hard Sakura Taisen fans. :)

I also got to have lunch with the One Ring Circus, and listen to their upcoming plans.

And guess what? ::gasp:: I actually made it to a Fanime panel! I went to AJ's Takarazuka panel. It was very interesting actually, since both AJ and tartetatin have gotten quite heavily interested in Takarazuka. I've seen some of it, and I do like it. I dunno if I'm a fanatic about it though. I'll just leech off of my friends for a while. :>

I was actually kind of sad to see things wind down. I have to say that Fanime has been one of the most stressful cons I've been to, despite the fact that it's a local con. Maybe that's what contributed to it, in that since it's local, it'll be an "easy" con to attend. Boy was I wrong. :/

And then karisu_sama broke the bad news to us. :/ Fanime is going to be held the same time as BayCon next year... DOH!

I'm already pre-registered for BayCon and with all the anime conventions I go to, a Sci-Fi/Fantasy one is a very nice break. So it looks like I'm not going to Fanime next year. :(

Anyway, if you braved through reading that rabble, here are some Fanime Photos. I'll have all of them up in a few days I hope. That or after Otakon.
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