Ziggy Becket (ziggybecket) wrote,
Ziggy Becket

Oooh pretty...

Came across these Atlantica Online images. Yep another gorgeous Korean MMO coming to the US.


I really love this design. Yes, I know she's practically bottomless and topless, but I like the look? Hey, I'm a guy. LOL






It's funny, both evanae and positivespace said they liked this character. I dunno, the clown thing and the colors really threw me. And I supposed that she is the only one that's actually, you know, dressed. LOL

Psst... utenatai You should totally do one or more of these costumes. ;-)

I am sad though, all the of the guy characters are kinda boring. I much prefer the guy characters from from Granado Espada. That's where I got my inspiration from for my Steampunk outfit.

Oh yah, I'm also using this Zera: Imperian Intrigue wallpaper for my work computer.

Tags: mmo, pretty, video games
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