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Photoshoot with Coco


Today was such an amazing day. First of all, San Francisco was just beautiful! It was a warm, sunny day, even at Baker Beach in November!

I had the lovely privilege of shooting with Coco for most of the day. I swear, the waves crashing the first thing in the morning is amazingly soothing. And I was there at like 6:30am in the morning. LOL

Here's some photos from today's shoot with Coco, enjoy. :D

A few early morning photos of the Golden Gate Bridge
Golden Gate Bridge at Dawn

Footsteps in the Sand
It's sort of amazing what you see when you're one of the first people at the beach.

Bikini beach photo shoot in November you say!
First off, we're not crazy. LOL It was actually forecast to be about 68 degrees in SF today, so Coco and I wanted to take advantage before it really got cold in the city. And boy did we pick a terrific day! It couldn't have been more perfect!

Sitting in the surf
Really lucky catching the water as it was swirling around her.

Such a gorgeous sky too, before the sun burned off the clouds



She got so many compliments with this bikini! :D


After the beach shoot (where we took a TON of photos) we went next door to do some cowgirl shots.


And ending the day with a quick trip to Half Moon Bay
Since I always see the sign on my way home and even though I was exhausted, decided to stop off at Half Moon Bay and check out the beach there. It's really lovely and will have to take advantage of it in the future. :D

Half Moon Bay

Sunset at Half Moon Bay

Though, this shoot was sorta brutal. We were both surprised by how quickly the a huge wave would hit both of us all of a sudden. I actually lost my flip-flops in the water at one point because it was looking for it, or getting carried out to sea! LOL

During the shoot on the rocks, a HUGE wave hit us while we were shooting. Coco was actually completely submerged in water and my 40D go really wet. She actually scrapped her knee on the rocks. Thankfully it was only a scrape and she wasn't seriously hurt. :/ My 40D started having some weird issues, like turning on, but not recognizing the memory card, and the play button not working. O_o After it dried out though everything was fine... whew!

Totally worth it though! :D
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