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Private Photoshoot: Zero from Vampire Knight

Cosplayer: positivespace as Zero

Taken during YaoiCon 2008 along with others when we were just going around the hotel and trying different locations, lighting, and just goofing off. :D

Private Photoshoot: Zero from Vampire Knight
(Zip of all the photos)

Personal Favorites
Ok, I don't know why I find this amusing, but stick with me on this. Ignore the fact that this is Vampire Knight, and think. Bond... James Bond...


Hunting down the terrorist as part of his assignment...


Has the guy cornered with no way out...


Goes down into the underground lair and takes out the target...


Impresses the hot, female sidekick, with exotic foreign accent and cleavage you can ski down... He must get the disarm codes from her.


The seduction begins...


Bow chika bow wow...


Mission Accomplished!

Hahahaha, ok, I think this bout of insanity is caused by all these HILARIOUS outtake photos of me testing the lighting and such, and positivespace making me laugh the whole time! ;-)

That and when I was looking at the progression of photos in this LJ post, it just sort of came into my diseased mind. X-D And no, I didn't do this on purpose, it only came to me when I started choosing which photos to put in the LJ post. LOL!







You can also see what the photos originally looked like before I played with the colors.
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