Ziggy Becket (ziggybecket) wrote,
Ziggy Becket

Union Square, San Francisco

Went to the city on Saturday to do a bit of shopping and checking out the holiday decorations. I took my very neglected Rebel XT and LensBaby to take some photos.

Union Square 2311
The huge Xmas tree in the middle of Union Square.

Union Square 2317
Same tree, but I switched to using the star aperture ring on the lens baby. As you can see any highlights will start taking the shape of stars. Kim used it to take this photo of how we feel about the cookies we've received. X-D

You can also do in software with something like Alien Skin: Bokeh. But I did it old school. LOL

Union Square 2364
The starlight express? LOL Actually just a cable car going down Powell.

Union Square 2380
Cleaning off the skating rink before the skaters got on the ice.

Union Square 2410

Union Square 2433
You can do it!

Union Square 2407
Xmas charoler doing a quick solo

Union Square 2471
A street band.

Union Square 2305
Dancer at the Sketcher's store. LOL There's always one during the weekends.
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