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Photo shoot with Coco

Coco-Studio 2108 Coco-Studio 2306 Coco-Studio 1941

I finally put together my home studio. There's a picture here but I doubt many of you will care what it looks like and just click on the photos of Coco. ;-) I'm totally right there with ya.

But I'm happy I finally set it up. I've had most of the equipment for a while, even had backdrop paper that's been sitting in the garage for like a year. This shoot with Coco finally get me to put everything together.

The results were pretty good!

However, the thing with studio is that it does get a little boring. I mean it helps to change up the lighting and such, but you're basically standing in one place posing. It'll probably help once I get more props and different backdrops. But it's nice to add to my repertoire.

Ok enough of me babbling, here are the pictures. There's some implied nudity and lingerie so I'm gonna go ahead and call this NSFW!. But no naughty bits are showing.

In studio photo shoot with Coco (NSFW!)
Coco-Studio 1941
Yes, Coco is wearing my current favorite dress shirt. She had that hat and it instantly made me think of that shirt. Yep, I like the shiny and the stripy. :D

Coco-Studio 1988
Ok I lied, she wasn't standing the whole time, but I did make the backdrop wide enough that she can lay down.

Coco-Studio 2009

Coco-Studio 2108
This set was SO FUN and colorful! Loved it with the pure white background!

Coco-Studio 2183

Coco-Studio 2209

Coco-Studio 2306
I think this was inspired by a Koda Kumi cover. X-D

Coco-Studio 2378
Weee props! :D
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