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Photo shoot with Kay Cee

Did a photoshoot with Kay Cee today. She's a friend of one of my first Model Mayhem models I worked with, Cherrie.

Kay Cee wanted to do some sexy, lingerie photos, and hey. Who am I to complain? :D

Since of the photos are risque and have some implied nudity, these photos are NSFW!

Photoshoot with Kay Cee (NSFW)
Kay Cee 2431
Couple of studio lighting shots

Kay Cee 2467

Kay Cee 2539
Decided to start climbing around my house with a gorrillpod as the only light source. If you've ever been to my place before, you might recognize it. X-D

Kay Cee 2569
540EZ Speedlite attached to a gorillapod to camera upper right attached to the banister.
540EZ Speedlite to camera lower left to light up her legs.

Good Morning, Sunshine! - 2593
Good Morning, Sunshine!

Kay Cee 2596
I seriously need wakeup calls like her...

Kay Cee 2615
It was such a lovely day outside, we actually did some shots outside the house. I don't think I pissed off any neighbors. O:)

Lighting: 430EZ Speedlite with a shoot through umbrella held by Kay Cee's sister.

Kay Cee 2698
540EZ Speedlite with a yellow gel to Kay Cee's back.
540EZ Speedlite pointed at the wall behind me, acting as a gigantic reflector.

Kay Cee 2784
Found a good use for my huge, master bedroom sink. X-D

Kay Cee 2782
Mirror, mirror...

Kay Cee 2831
She's quite an avid reader. Really! That's not my book.

Kay Cee 2825
So I picked up those sheets at Macy's because I loved the stripe pattern... right... what sheets, got it. ;-)

Kay Cee 2869
AB800 with a shoot through umbrella to camera left.
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