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MacWorld 2009 - Yay Toys! :D

Tweakers Portable Speakers
Moshi USB card reader / USB Hub
Lensbaby Composer

A little late, but that's ok. There wasn't that much interesting stuff at MacWorld this year. Sure the 17" MacBook Pro is kinda nice, but it's little brothers took much of the spotlight last year when they were announced. :>

I did buy crap though. I didn't mean too, they were too cool to pass up!

Tweakers Portable Speakers
Tweakers by Grandmax.com

First thing I picked up at MacWorld! X-D

These are awesome little portable speakers. They come apart and become stereo speakers. And when you twist them, they expand and provide more bass when you play music.

Their built in batteries are recharged with USB and all of the cables all roll up into itself for easy storage and no fighting with cables. It's just awesome how self contained they are!

They sound ok, about the same quality as my MacBook Pro speakers, but not as good as my Sony SRS-T77 "Active Speakers" but way more portable.

Moshi USB card reader / USB Hub
Cardette by Moshi

Just a gorgeously made multi card reader and USB hub. I've been meaning to get a new one and I just love the look of this thing. It's also one of the few card readers that also has extra USB ports, very handy!

I blame ener for this, since I saw her post about it on her LJ and I've wanted one ever since. X-D

And can you tell I like red? ;-)

Lensbaby Composer
Lensbaby Composer

I already had a Lensbaby 2G (the one on the left), but after playing with the LensBaby Composer (right) it's like night and day! It's so much easier to use, find the sweet spot and to focus with.

You can see what I mean when I used my Lensbaby in San Francisco.

I don't use my Lensbaby enough as it is, mostly because it takes practice to use and focusing is a bit difficult with it. But once I tried out the Lensbaby Composer, I was totally sold! The $40 off the price helped make the sell too. ;-)

It also allows you to lock the tilt and focus so it's a little less random when you found a sweet spot that you like.

I can't wait to use it this weekend. :D

And as a reward for reading all my random techno-babble, here's some hot girl on girl action! ;-)
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