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Why hello there...

President Obama's Official Portrait!

And just to add more geek to this post, it seems this is the first presidential portrait taken with a digital camera.

Engadget has the skinny on the details from reading the EXIF data from the JPEG.
-- this fine specimen of portraiture was snapped with a Canon EOS 5D Mark II on January 13th, 2009 at 5:38 pm with no flash, using a 105mm lens stopped to f/10 at a 1/125 exposure, with an ISO of 100 by newly crowned official White House photographer Pete Souza. Nice work, Souza -- but we think it could use a few lens flares.
Errr... I don't agree with the lens flare bit. ;-) I think we know someone else who's better at rockin' the lens flare!

And in more inaugural photo news, Time Magazine will be running a feature called Obama's People. A photo shoot with the people that will be closely working with Obama.

For me, it was interesting listening to the photographers and how they worked and how they tried to get their subjects to look good in a photo shoot, that can sometimes only last 10 minutes. O_O

It's a good listen.

Edit: This totally made me LOL (about whether a flash was used or not)
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