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Exploring Mare Island

MareIsland 4867

positivespace and I headed over to Mare Island today to explore and take photos. We've been there twice already for photo shoots with Ed Pingol. This time we went to just check out all of the cool buildings.

Let's just say it's COOL! LOL

Make sure you check out Positivespace's photos too!

Just FYI, I've decided to try a few different techniques with these photos. I really like the effect, we'll see if it trickles to my other shoots.

Warning the photos are BIG!

MareIsland 4809
We totally followed all posted signs... yep...

MareIsland 4822

MareIsland 4825
An old school

MareIsland 4834

MareIsland 4846

MareIsland 4867
One of my favorite photos. Oh yah, that is positivespace behind there. LOL

MareIsland 4882
Ok for the life of us, we could NOT figure out how this reflection worked. It's cool, but kind creepy how this works in the realm of physics. O_O

MareIsland 4885

MareIsland 4906
Peeking through the factory door. It seems this building is actually in active use.

MareIsland 4912

MareIsland 4924
Part of a power plant that was fenced off. Oh what I would give to get inside of this sucker. Positivespace took a pic from another angle.

MareIsland 4927
These numbered plates were on a lot of the fences we saw.

MareIsland 4937
A really cool door lock on one of the doors.

MareIsland 4957

MareIsland 4981

MareIsland 4984

MareIsland 4990
Crap it's Independence Day all over again! O_O

MareIsland 5018
A burned down office building. It was COOOL!

MareIsland 5023

MareIsland 5009

MareIsland 5044
Holy crap, Positivespace is totally doing a live action Fatal Frame. O_o

MareIsland 4968
Oooooh abandoned warehouse!

MareIsland 4975
Who's that loser?


Photo ganked from Positivespace's Flickr

MareIsland 4930
Snipe! Hehehe. And just for comparison, this is an unedited photo, in case anyone was wondering what things looked straight out of the camera.
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