Ziggy Becket (ziggybecket) wrote,
Ziggy Becket

Preview of photo shoot with Allison

Allison 6426 Allison 6471

I had a fashion photo shoot with the magnificent Allison in San Francisco's Embarcadero. Who says you have to shoot on beautiful days? :D

Allison 6426
Looming clouds of San Francisco.

Allison 6471
I love this shot!
For those curious, here's how I lit Allison.

Allison 6567
Yah, I know it's a little Carmen San Diego here... LOL

Allison 6654
Not a foot fetishist myself, but GOD I love her heels.

Allison 6750

Allison 6856
I make models look good, by looking like absolute crap. >_<
Tags: model, model mayhem, photoshoots, san francisco
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