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Beauty Shoot Preview

Anne Marie 7259 Jess 7775 Lindsay 7417
Nicole 7182 Maye 7859

I had the wonderful chance to work with the talented Ellen again.

She's just a fantastic makeup artist who needed photos for her portfolio. I was more then happy to help. So she and 5 other lovely models came over and we spent the day doing beauty shots.

If I've ever talked to you about photography before, you know I generally dislike studio shoots because they can get boring. So in addition to the standard beauty shoots, we make sure to mix things up. Models get bored of just sitting in a chair surrounded by lights and a boring background too! :)

I hope you enjoy the photos, I'm EXTREMELY happy with how stunning they look! And fair warning, I'm posting the large ones this time (900x600) so you can see all the fantastic makeup and lovely models. :D

Anne Marie
Anne Marie 7033

Anne Marie 7082
Yah, not a beauty shot exactly, but doesn't it look COOL!? :D

Anne Marie 7259
Shot using direct sunlight that was coming in from the window. Two flashes with a red and an amber gel were used to color the background (which is seamless white studio backdrop).

Anne Marie 7286
Again, direct sunlight with an obvious focus on the lips

Anne Marie 7661
Just awesome makeup job. O_O And used a Lensbaby for the selective focus effect.

Anne Marie 7687
Heheh. :D

Anne Marie 7886

Jess 7474

Jess 7482
Shot with Lensbaby for selective focus

Jess 7757

Jess 7767
Jess kept saying that her poses looked great in the mirror, and wondered if it looked as good on the camera. So I just took the photo of her in the mirror. LOL

Jess 7775
Man, the definition of glamorous!

Lindsay 7300

Lindsay 7383
Tried to use a fan for the "wind blown" effect. Unfortunately, my fan was too under powered and Lindsay had way too much hair. LOL

Lindsay 7417
Shot with Lensbaby to pin point on her lovely eyes.

Lindsay 7586
We were both surprised how sexy this photo came out. LOL

Lindsay 7717

Nicole 7182
Nicole the Diva!

Nicole 7241
The background was a black velvet backdrop. But it just didn't look right, so I hit it with a flash with a red gel on it. MUCH better!

Nicole & AM 7195

Maye 7788
Ellen wanted to try one more look and Maye got dragged into the shoot. LOL

Maye 7859

And before you ask, no the models weren't naked. LOL Just wearing tube tops so they wouldn't be distracting for shoulders up photos. We kept joking about it though, since a lot of the photos the models do look naked. LOL

Edit: Things I need to work on after looking at some of these photos.
  • I'm getting the occasional "hotspot" in some of the portraits. You really don't see them in these photos because I've fixed them in post. I think I'm beginning to see the advantage of using a beauty dish or softbox instead of just a shoot through umbrella.
  • I need to keep in mind the catch lights for the eyes. I really didn't think about it during the shoot as I really didn't seem them on my camera preview. But after looking at the full sized ones, the inconstant and sometimes double catch lights are bugging me. Only slightly though, the hot spots are more of a concern for me.
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