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Garage Studio Test

Garage_2830 Garage_2862 Garage_2966

Cleaned out a bit of the garage to set up a studio. The garage is bigger then my living room so it makes for a larger studio space.

Anyway, I wanted to try a few things lighting wise so I decided to be a dork. :D

Lighting set ups based on Zack Arias' tutorials.

My new Ghostbusters/Pacman shirt

Was going for a totally white background but with shadows on the ground. You can see a little of that in this photo. Ignore my face. LOL

Couldn't quite jump as high as I wanted too, but this one turned out kinda neat. LOL
I think the left flash didn't go off though, the right side is way too bright.

Garage lighting for those who are curious.
Two rolls of 4ft seamless backdrop paper put together. I wanted the 9ft seamless, but it totally wouldn't fit in my car. So I gotta make due.

Tile board on the floor to provide white, shiny surface.

Two flash guns aimed at the background to totally white out the backdrop and then the main light with a beauty dish.

It's not easy being green.
See even soft, diffused lighting makes my face look halfway not ugly. :D

Lighting set up for the above shot.
Just went with the one strobe to turn the backdrop green.
Main light with beauty dish to light me up.

Wearing my new Armani Exchange jacket. 60% off baby!
Using just the main light with a beauty dish to camera left.


Lighting set up for the above shot. It's "butterfly" lighting. Gotta be super careful with this type of lighting. As you can see it did not so good things to my face because of how the shadows fell on my fat face. LOL

Originally lit up the background blue, but I liked it blackish/grey instead.

Tags: photography, pictures, self portrait
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