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I can't believe that they are remaking Cupid.

It's one of my all time favorite romantic comedies. Yes, I'm such a girl about TV shows, but you should know that already.

The original is with Jeremy Piven and Paula Marshal. Unfortunately they had to recast the show for the new version, but I'm hopeful!

I loved the show so much that I actually found all the episodes and cut them up into 10 min segments to upload to YouTube. Sadly they keep randomly deleting chunks for various copyright reasons and I'm not gonna reupload them. But if you want a taste of the show, one of my favorites is The Linguist (a version of Pygmalion/My Fair Lady) and Heaven, He's in Heaven (starring the Mayor from Buffy).

Man I have high hopes for the new series! X-D

Edit: Love the new Cupid, but the new Dr. Allen is way too blonde...

Edit 2: Awwww, that was so sweet. The ending made my cry. ;_;

The new Trevor is good, a bit toned down compared to Jeremy Piven (I mean, anyone would be). Still don't like the new Claire. She's a bit wooden and stiff and again, too blonde. I dunno why that's bugging me. I nave nothing against blondes, she just stands out too.

But so far, A+++ good stuff!
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