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Are you backing up your data?

I'm moving around a couple of drives in my Drobo since one of the drives runs VERY hot, so it kicks up the fan and the enclosure gets pretty noisy, so I'm swapping it out for a cooler drive.

Since I'm doing that, I thought I'd ask: Are you backing up your data?

Backups are the only way to protect yourself from a virus or hard drive failure or just accidentally erasing something. :/

I posted about this previously with geek-tastic detail. I've updated it slightly since then, so here's the short version.
  • Mac OS X's Time Machine for automatic back ups of my main system. I can immediately recover everything that was on my MacBook Pro if the laptop dies or the hard drive fails. It also keeps files that I've deleted up to a certain point. So it saves me if I've accidentally deleted something.
  • Drobo for protected, long term storage. That's where I store my photos. Since it's redundant, one of the 4 hard drives can fail and I'm still ok.
  • Off Site hard drive that mirrors the Drobo. This is in case I somehow accidentally delete something on the Drobo or something catastrophic happens, such as my house burning down. I'll still have a copy of my important data somewhere other then my home. I bring this off site drive back once a month to sync everything up.
So in a nut shell, at any given point my data is at least in 2 different places at all times. What about you? How are you backing up? Are you using any of the online backup services such as Mozy?
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