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Ugh, wanna go see it again!

It was just SO FREAKIN' COOL!

I knew it was gonna be awesome from everyone telling me about it, but HOLY SHITCAKES! It was even better then I could have thought!

The performers were simply amazing! Their voices were just incredible! And of course the songs were just so touching!

Ok, here's my geek coming out now, but I absolutely loved the production values of Wicked. I mean they used remote controlled set pieces which really made me giddy when I saw them. LOL

The lighting was also just wonderfully done. I'll have to admit I got a little distracted during the play deconstructing the stage lighting. For instance, they kept a constant green tinted light on Elphaba (The Wicked Witch) which made her green make up stand out even more!

There were some other things too, which I'm probably gonna steal for future shoots. LOL

The stage effects were just gorgeous as well. One of the most memorable has to be when Elphaba sings "Defying Gravity." I won't spoil it for people who haven't seen it, but it was FREAKIN' jaw dropping!

And I'll have to admit the ending really did surprise me and touched. ;_;

Ugh, I wanna see it again, even if I have to pay full price now...
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