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Private Photoshoot: Space Girl

Model: daenerys

Taken during Fanime 2009 in San Jose, CA

I have to admit, both convention hotels were perfect for the retro, sci-fi look of the this costume. I also sort of went a little overboard with the lighting. I think I used 3 different lights on this shoot.

Enjoy the sci-fi, retro, pin-up-ish look of this shoot! :D

Private Photoshoot: Space Girl
(Zip of all the photos)

Personal favorites under the cut



Get used to this background. I just LOVED using it for this shoot. :D This was shot with the light coming from the wall.


This is when I started adding more lights, in this case and blue flash on the left and a red on the right. You can see the lights "cross" and it looks awesome! :D



Yaya totally looks like some sci-fi phone operator. LOL I loved the theme of this shoot. :D
Lighting wise, I changed it up a bit with a green flash to light up the background and a flight with a shoot through umbrella high and to camera left.


Hehe, this was a bit of a casual shot since Yaya was actually on the phone. :) Well it would have been casual if she didn't make a face. LOL


Actually this was a miss-fire since the front light didn't go off, but since it was back lit, I still think this shot looks cool! :>


And what it looks like when both lights actually go off! ;-)


Space-damsel in distress!


Psych! Girls with guns baby!


Full set also posted on ACS.
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