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Anime Expo 2009 - Sunday + More!

Gurren Lagann - AnimeExpo09_4898 Gurren Lagann - AnimeExpo09_4923

Gurren Lagann - AnimeExpo09_4898
Gurren Lagann of course!

Gurren Lagann - AnimeExpo09_4923
Hehehe aimeekitty and pogo101 were hilarious during the shoot. :D

Steampunk - AnimeExpo09_4452
Found the perfect place for Lisa's steampunk costume.

Kingdom Hearts - AnimeExpo09_4367
akusesu's awesome Kingdom Hearts costume. I know right? KH has armor?!?!

Sakura (Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle) - AnimeExpo09_4639
A lovely Sakura!
Didn't have to 'shop this photo at all!

Pita Ten - AnimeExpo09_4786
How can singingraisin's costume be so cute, but be so angsty! ;_;

Soi Fong (Bleach) - AnimeExpo09_4970
evanae being as bad ass as ever!
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