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Comic Con 2009 - Swag

Chasing Spiderman

Hehehe, the Marvel booth this year had this great photo booth. It had a green screen and some backdrops you could choose. I chose this one and decided I wanted to do this pose of me trying to chase down Spiderman with my camera. Heee!

Ok, I'm normally terrible at getting swag. I dunno what it is, that I'm just unlucky or not willing to wait or fight to get free stuff. Or I just don't feel like it's worth trying to get? But boy did that change this year! :D

Swag - SDCC09_5507
It's easier to see if you click on this image, I actually circled all the items, but anyway, here's all the swag I got! :D

. Star Trek Tribble
. Gatchaman baseball cap (Both Karen and I waited in line for that one)
. Dr. Horrible Sing-a-long Blog lyrics book
. Dr. Horrible paper goggles
. Star Trek Vulcan foam hand
. Doctor Who Classic Comic book
. 8 of 9 postcards for the movie 9
. Aion MMORPG beta code
. Stark Industries plastic business card
. Gamer (the movie) dogtags/bottle opener
. I ♥ V button for the new V series on ABC
. Dead to Rights, 5 LED flash light
. Autographed photo of Naoko Mori from Torchwood. <3 <3 <3 <3 (yah, technically I paid for the photo/autograph, but whatever!)

Swag - Aion T-Shirt -SDCC09_5511
Aion T-Shirt. It's a large, but I have a sewing machine and serger that will fix that.

Toys from SDCC - SDCC09_5510
Got in line at the Hasbro booth to pick up the Optimus Prime Mugg and the special edition Soundwave Transformers toys! X-D

Yes, I will be opening them up soon to play with them. Toys shouldn't be locked up in their boxes! X-D
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