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Mini, mini me

So after reading about all the things you can do with a netbook, especially installing Mac OS X on certain models, I went ahead and got one for the hell of it. X-D

Part of it was because of Comic Con. I took my honking 17" MacBook Pro and I honestly didn't need to take my main machine. Really though, it was just an excuse to get a new toy. ;-D

The very versatile Dell Mini 9

Got the Dell Mini 9, which as the name states, is a 9" netbook. 1gig of ram, 8gig SSD and a 1.6ghz Intel Atom Processor. It's a refurb, but you wouldn't be able to tell. No scratches on the system, clean and looks absolutely brand new.


Typically, it comes with Windows XP. That won't last long. X-D But I booted it up anyway to make sure everything was working and there weren't any dead pixels.



First thing I wanted to try was the beta of a new mobile OS based on Linux. It's called Moblin. It's actually an *adorable* OS. And this is coming from a Mac guy. LOL Just check out the cute demo video.

Honestly, if I didn't get the Mini 9 to put Mac OS X on, I probably would have stuck with Moblin as the OS for the netbook. It has a great UI, very fast. I mean, it booted in like 15 seconds. I mean literally, pressing the power button and 15 seconds later, the system was fully ready to go. It's still in beta, so the apps are a bit sparse.

Oh and I sorta hosed the system by forcing an RPM to install, in trying to get VLC to work on it. LOL I think that was really the only reason why I didn't just keep Moblin on the system. And there were a few things that I just couldn't get working, no matter what config files I was editing. However, most normal users wouldn't need to do any of that, I was just poking around.


And finally, getting Mac OS X installed and running on the little sucker. So far everything is working normally, with the exception of the USB ports. It doesn't seem to recognize a USB thumbdrive when it's plugged in, only when it's in on boot up. I'll have to read up on it, but so far it's been working really well.

There's only 4 gigs left on the 8gig SSD, but I'm gonna go and start trimming the stuff I don't need from the OS to get more space back. But so far, it's been a fun project. :D
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