Ziggy Becket (ziggybecket) wrote,
Ziggy Becket

Dance Dance, Rev... oh wait...

ajmeow and company needed to photos for her Chinese dance troupe, since she'd be missing the official shoot for D*C.

I was happy to oblige. Check out the results of the shoot on her lj post. She can explain the poses and costumes, I was just there pressing the silver button the camera. O:)

AJ rented a local studio, since my home studio (i.e. my garage) just wouldn't accommodate shooting 4 girls at the same time. Turns out the studio didn't have seamless backdrop paper wide enough either! -_- So we put two rolls of 6' seamless together and shot on that. A bit of Photoshop used in post to remove the seam line. (So much for seamless right?)

Lighting wise you can check out the lighting diagram of the set up. Two lights for the background for the red and green coloring. And one main light to light up the dancers.

There is one thing I do wanna say though, in my own defense. I'm not a fan of the pink/blue green backgrounds honestly. But I was matching the look and style of the original photographer. Actually I think I matched the look pretty well. But yah, not how I would have done it if I had the choice. :>
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