Ziggy Becket (ziggybecket) wrote,
Ziggy Becket

Mmmm OMG the food was so good!

evanae and I went to The Dining Room at The Langham for a very fancy and delicious four course dinner. :-9

The head chef, Michael Voltaggio, is on this season's Top Chef and I really wanted to see what the food was like!

evanae had the her camera and posted on what we ordered for our 4 course meal. Honestly the photos don't do the food justice nor can convey how delicious it was! :-9

It's hard to say what my favorite food was. I absolutely love Foie Gras and it was very good, but I think I have to say that the Octopus with butter popcorn puree was my favorite. The octopus was cooked in a way that it was meaty and not chewy or fishy at all. And OMG that butter popcorn puree was yummy and matched so well with the Octopus. Oh god, I miss it already! LOL

Go check out the photos and be jealous. ;-D


Happy Birthday! :>
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