Ziggy Becket (ziggybecket) wrote,
Ziggy Becket

Barns and Noble's Nook eBook Reader

OMG, I didn't think the new ebook reader from Barns and Noble would be that cool. O_O

So it has two different screens, regular e-ink screen, that's very easy on the eyes and completely readable in direct sunlight. And on the bottom a LCD touch screen for navigation. You can check out the official BN site or Engadget's hands on to check it out.

I currently have the Sony Reader PRS-505 (Red). (Which I got refurbed for $130, so way cheaper then Nook or Kindle).

It's actually a very capable ebook reader. Supports all the eBook formats (ePUB, .doc, .pdf). I've been reading up a storm since I got it. I even bought an ebook recently, Speech-less. Which was only $8 after 20% off. That's cheaper then even use copies that are available, and this is a fairly new book. I also love the all metal construction and the red color.

But there's just something...lust worthy about the Nook. LOL Don't care *that* much about the wireless features, though they are obviously very nice and free.

I'm not gonna preorder it (though tempted). I'm gonna wait until it shows up at a local BN store and molest it in person as well as wait for some details reviews before I decide.
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