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MRE - Meal, Ready to Eat


So a co-worker of mine offered me one of the MRE he had. There's no expiration date, but they are supposed to be good for 5 years+. Encouraging. ;-D

I keep hearing about them and I was interested in trying one, so he was very kind to give me one. He said the "Boneless Pork Chop" was one of the best.


Menu #2, Boneless Pork Chop

Pork Chop With Noodles in Jamaican Style Sauce, Spiced Apples, Cheese Spread with Jalapenos.

Chocolate Mint Pound Cake, Vegetable Crackers, Beverage Base Powder Grape.

Spoon (what? No spork?), condements/coffee/sugar/creamer, heating bag.

So it comes with a chemical heater. You fill it with water, just up to the double lines. Put in the main meal (the pork chop) and the heating packet.

Put it back into the original box and tilt it on an angle while it heats. It actually got quite hot with steam coming out as it was cooking the pork chop.

While it was cooking.

I made some grape juice. It looks surprisingly thick... LOL but tastes like any sugary kids drink.

Spiced Apples. Yah, this was not my favorite. It didn't taste like spiced anything, just sorta like... mushy apples. Editable, but tasted weird.

The main course! Yah, it doesn't look like much. LOL I mean, it did just come out of a think plastic bag.

But surprisingly enough, it tasted pretty decent. The noodles were tender as was the meat. Though it was very salty, something to be expected for something that can last 5+ years, unrefrigerated. LOL Though I have to say, there was no hint of "Jamaica" at all. I dunno why they bothered to put that. LOL

Obviously it was kinda processed, since the texture wasn't quite that of pork. It was more like, a hot dog then pork. But again, it tasted ok. And if I was out somewhere and wanted a hot meal, I wouldn't be complaining at all.

The Chocolate Mint Pound Cake. It's more like a thick brownie then a cake. But it's surprisingly fluffy and chocolaty. It's a bit dry, but not too sugary or anything. I finished the whole thing.

I was too full to finish off the vegetable crackers and cheese spread, I'll save that for later in the day. Though I have a feeling that I'm going to be pretty full for the rest of the day. LOL These things are supposed to be 1200 calories and I'm going to be sitting on my ass in front of a computer. :>

Who's the cutest little Tabasco sauce bottle ever?!

Yep, that was my lunch today. LOL :D
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