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Cosplay Photo Shoot: Black Butler

Just FYI, that isn't 'shop, that's the actual reflection on the marble floor of the convention hotel. Just did some color/lighting corrections in Lightroom and of course the watermark. More info about the lighting under the cut.

Enjoy this Indian themed Black Butler shoot. :)


I love this photo, almost as much as the top one, but OMG Susan would just NOT get the pose right. She even ran away from me when I was trying to get her to pose behind Chas. I was even hearing someone laughing behind me as we tried to set up this shot.

OMG Susan is such a hard cosplayer to work with! ;-)









Hehehehehe... Thanks Jet for the pose! ;D


Just FYI this is how I did the lighting. The curtain was part of the hotel lobby. I put a Canon Speedlite with a amber gel behind the curtain and aimed up at the ceiling.

The keylight was another Canon Speedlite with a shoot through umbrella.




Good job ruining the photo thar! ;D

The entire set is up on ACS - Black Butler
(Zip of all the photos)
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