Ziggy Becket (ziggybecket) wrote,
Ziggy Becket

Cosplay Photo Shoot: Meiko from Vocaloid

Hello boobs and legs. ;-)

Hehe, we were actually joking that you'd have to be at LEAST this skimpy to get a shoot with me. Obviously that isn't true, but oh wouldn't it be nice if it were. ;-)

BTW, this was shot in the middle of a busy lobby. There was literally people all over sitting in chairs, just a few feet away. But because of the spotlight effect, only the lovely DW was in the photo without all the other distracting con goers.

ravendarkwings as Meiko from Vocaloid







In my own defense, I was asked to take the boob shot. I aim to please. ;-)

The entire set is up on ACS - Meiko from Vocaloid
(Zip of all the photos)
Tags: cosplay, photoshoots, pictures, yaoi con
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